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Welcome my name is Jack Cassidy the owner of Fridays Fainters. All my Fainters are historically correct. I mainly breed for the historically correct traits and not for meat production. If I knowingly  sold one of my goats for meat or ate one myself my wife and daughter would skin me. My wife Debbie got me into raising Fainting goats when she started Playful Acres. She likes the miniatures 20 to 22 inches tall. I like the standard size 22 to 27 inches tall and my daughter loves any thing that hits the ground. Me and Debbie both believe in keeping the Fainting goat pure and correct so ourFainters wont get as big as the myotonics that are breed for meat production. If you are interested in a Fainting goat that is historically correct then you should check out the rest of my site or my wife’s site Playful Acres. http://www.playfulacres.com